Letter: Regarding A Republican Speaks for Left of Center


Last week, Jean Ardell, turned her column over to her husband, Dan. Dan started out with an autobiographical note about playing baseball for USC’s legendary baseball coach, Rod Dedeaux.  Dedeaux’s teams’ records are unsurpassed in the history of College Baseball. For Dan Ardell to have started for Dedeaux and been drafted for the pros is quite an accomplishment. (When Dan Ardell played, getting to and sticking in the Majors had to do with talent, yes, plus a lot of other factors including whether someone like Willie Mays was playing for the Big League team that had drafted you.)      

Ardell describes himself as a Republican in Name Only (RINO) who thinks Trump is absolutely terrible. I bet the majority of Trump’s supporters can’t stand Trump’s personality either; but prefer his policies.

Ardell is a supporter of the past Democratic Congressman for Laguna Beach, Harley Rouda.  After his introductory remarks, Ardell explains that Michelle Steel, the Republican Congresswoman who defeated Rouda, is not worthy of her office. In large part this is because she associated with/supported Donald Trump. He informs the reader that Trump’s business ethics are “infamous” and yet Steel “voted 100% with Trump’s ideology on various bills”. Later Ardell observes: “Steel likes to claim that she, too, is bipartisan, but how can you ever trust someone who’s in league with the likes of Trump?”

Maybe Ardell and other RINOs will gravitate back to the right. Maybe not. As powerful forces in the Democratic Party work to move America further to the left, a new group, I’ll call “Democrats in Name Only”, may emerge. DINOs would be Liberals who, for instance, champion free speech; believe that America should have borders; see “Critical Race Theory” as more indoctrination than education; and contrary to Ardell, although loathing the expenditure, favor the attempted recall of Governor Newsom for his management of the COVID-19 pandemic, sanctuary cities, etc. We’ll see.

Douglas Warren, Laguna Beach


  1. How can you complain about Newsom’s Covid management? He took the largest, most diverse population, and was the first to turn it back to near neutral. All this while our best science is hardly beginning to understand the multiple variants heading our way. And all this in spite of anti-vaxxers working to thwart his efforts. Newsome made a couple stupid mistakes along the way, but he doggedly continued his job of trying to protect people who won’t protect themselves. And I guarantee that the SAME people who are crying ” my body, my choice ” regarding Vax, are the SAME people who bash abortion. Newsom has a no win job, but he did it better than any hopeful currently in the race could ever.


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