Letter: Regarding Billy Fried’s Column

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In last week’s Laguna Beach Independent letters, Jennifer Zeiter’s letter was a great response to the regular liberal rants of Mr. Fried. If we want to read that kind of national political bias, then we can pick up the L.A. Times and/or the N.Y. Times. I support her last paragraph plea: “Please LB Indy, please remove Billy Fried’s columns from our local newspaper. Relegate Fried’s left extremist opinionated rants to the letters to the editor.


Curt Bartsch, Laguna Beach

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  1. You have a right to disagree, even disapprove of Mr. Frieda’s point of view, just as he has the right to express his opinions and LB Indy has the right to publish his perspective. Please keep in mind that there are others who feel differently and you would do well to remember, there are those of us who have the right to disagree with you.

  2. Why give equal time to the other side, that disappeared from the radio in Laguna months ago. Why not have a topic each week, Billy Freed can have 250 words and the other side can have 250. Makes sense to me!

  3. Mr. Fieda…Sweet! He should not have a weekly column period. He needs to go. Like Jennifer requested, Billy can write letters to the editor. Trim down his diatribe.

  4. Liberals love to think of themselves as intellectual and nuanced, but, Liberalism is incredibly simplistic. It’s childlike emotion applied to adult issues.

  5. Curt Bartsch, John Fornaro, and WJR, kudos to all of you. Karen, having “the right to express one’s opinion” never seems to occur to the Left. Any opinion contrary to *progressive* (sic) dogma is always denounced as “racist, sexist, homophobic, ignorant, fascist, greedy, mean-spirited,” etc. I contacted Mr. Fried via email and pointed out that every Catholic priest who molested a little boy was necessarily, by definition, a homosexual. Real men don’t molest little boys, only homosexuals do. Of course Mr. Fried tried, very unsuccessfully, to argue against facts and reality, which never sit well with *progressives* (sick).


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