Letter: Regarding Don’t Like the Message. Destroy the Messenger


Michael Ray has written another column filled with lies and alternative facts about Village Laguna. He is on a roll. It’s his third column in as many weeks. It must be difficult to say the same things week after week and try to make them look fresh. For last week’s column, he must have thought long and hard to come up with the excuse of answering my letter to the editor so he could write another column.

We all know why Ray is attempting to discredit Village Laguna. It’s almost humorous how the same lies and alternative facts keep popping up again and again even after they are corrected.

The reason why Ray wants to discredit Village Laguna is obvious. He is looking towards the 2022 City Council election and if he can damage Village Laguna’s 50-year stellar reputation the political action committee, Liberate Laguna, will be in a stronger position to get their candidates elected. Their goal is to have a Liberate Laguna pro big development majority on the City Council. In the 2020 election, Mr. Ray contributed over half ($57,000) of the $100,000 Liberate Laguna spent to try to get their candidates elected. And let us not forget that Ray and Liberate Laguna spent over $150,000 on the 2018 election and we now have them to thank for Peter Blake.

Hopefully, Ray will be able to produce some new material for his next column because we are all tired of playing Whack-A-Mole knocking down his repeated lies.

Johanna Felder, Laguna Beach


  1. Johanna Felder,
    You & Village Laguna have discredited yourselves with the use of CEQA lawsuits against the City of Laguna Beach & the Kirby family of Hawthorne Road in North Laguna. Not one of your “ Historic Preservation Coalition “members owns an older house with character or live in North Laguna . Laguna residents please online to lagunaneighbors.org to get the full story. I’m on a mission to make my fellow Laguna residents aware of these two lawsuits one filed by Village Laguna ,the other filed by the Laguna Beach Historic Preservation Coalition (Ann Christoph,Johanna Felder, Barbara Metzger, Verna Rollinger and Cathy Jurca) .
    Your “stellar” reputation is irreparably damaged by these CEQA lawsuits .


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