Letter: Regarding Just a Bunch of Activists


I hope that this letter gets printed as I am asking several questions. Is there a reason that Ann Christoph ends her column by saying that she is a landscape architect (which I am sure she is) and then says mayor. If I recall correctly she was mayor in 1993 – and was on city council for one term. Since then there have been several mayors and now most recently it is Mayor Bob Whalen and Mayor Pro Tem Sue Kempf.

I would think former mayor would be appropriate. Also, she does not seem to acknowledge the fact that she among other people started Village Laguna in the early 70’s and has been most faithful in promoting the group and recruiting members. Councilmember Toni Iseman has then taking the lead and made sure that many of these members get involved in the community through the various committees—Design Review, Traffic and Transportation. During her role in city council for many years we have had these members become chairs of the different committees.

The tradition continues with many members taking active roles in even more important groups such as the Laguna Canyon Conservancy and people like Norm Grossman head these committees. Given such commitment to Village Laguna I think that Christoph would be proud of being part of the founding group. Don’t you?

Ganka Brown, Laguna Beach


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