Letter: Regarding Michael Ray’s Hawthorne Road House


I was passing by 337 Hawthorne Road this morning and saw that the City’s Stop Work Order saying “Stop All Work Until Permit is Obtained” was still posted and in effect. It was dated Feb. 3, 2022.

This is Michael Ray’s property and it has been known for years as the “Eyesore on Hawthorne.”  For years Ray has allowed this (historic) property to fall into disrepair with knee-high weeds and in so doing disrespecting neighbors who value and care for their own properties.

Perhaps in Ray’s next column he can explain why he feels that he is above the law and does not need city permits for work on his house. Many of his hate-filled and fact-free columns try to blame others for his shortcomings. Perhaps it’s time for him to take responsibility for his own actions. And while he’s at it, apologize to his neighbors for this blight in the neighborhood.

Merrill Anderson, North Laguna

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  1. Dear Merrill,

    The reason the Hawthorne house has fallen into shambles is because a Village Laguna offshoot, is suing me to stop construction and there is a court “stop” order. Prior to that, Council Member Toni Iseman appealed the 5-0 DRB approval of the house, which appeal lasted a year before it expired, which stopped construction. Prior to that, when attempting to add a front porch, Ms. Iseman was the third vote to deny it. THAT process took two years. The list goes on. At every turn, Village Laguna or one of its acolytes has stopped the process. This whole process is not unusual: Village Laguna wants applicants like me to bleed as much cash as possible in attempts to discourage anyone and everyone from remodeling their houses.

  2. Ummmm nice try Michael…. This has nothing to do with the interior or proposed work. The reason the exterior of your house is an eyesore rests solely on your shoulders. Take responsibility for your property and clean it up. Your house on the water looks great. Take pride in this home and clean it up as well. You and the whole neighborhood will feel better!

  3. Ask Village Laguna to repay me the $710,000 in additional legal and A&E fees it has taken me to fight them, PLUS a decade of mortgage and prop taxes. THEN complain, or better yet, YOU repay me

  4. “Not taking responsibility for a situation one created is worse than creating it in the first place” Said someone very sharp…


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