Letter: Regarding That’s So Laguna


Denise Di Novi really captures mood of Laguna beach in this article. This mood has been passed down from beginning of the town.

Joe Thurston writes in his book early days in Laguna about this friendly open attitude expressed by him and early Laguna people. Joe writes about how he would visit with many Laguna residents and have friendly conversations With them. Joe also writes ” in the future I hope Laguna Beach residents will be able to converse with each other and have open and understanding conversations.”

I used to visit with Joe Thurston’s daughter Doris Thurston Boyd. Doris told me stories about her time at Laguna Beach High school in the mid-1930s. During this time Doris said she carried this open friendly spirit with her friends Art Sherman, Paul Shilling, Dave Moynahan, John Meckling, Lucian Means, and Cozzie Means who married John Meckling.

I remember seeing my mother practice this open attitude She graduated Stanford law school in 1945 and practiced law for 64 years. So she was good at arguing but she was always willing to hear different opinions. I remember at a party they were having political argument. It got heated. She said lets get back together tomorrow night to continue the argument, but we will switch sides.

My friends and I practiced this open friendly mood when I was in high school from 1966 to 1970. We did not care who you were or where you lived in town we accepted everyone.

I continue this open friendly mood even today. I walk three or four miles a day in Laguna Beach and have great conversations with many people. I also hope this open accepting friendly open attitude will be continued by Laguna Beach people in the future

Kevin Spencer, Laguna Beach

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