Letter: Regarding “You Can’t Make This Up”


Actually, Michael Ray, you do make it up. Repeatedly.

It is time to give it a rest and stop promulgating the Little Lie about the Hotel Laguna,

Everyone who loves Laguna Beach, loves the Hotel Laguna and wants to see it restored and reopened.

If some of the other bidders for the Hotel had prevailed, I am confident that permits would have been pulled, vendors and crew paid, the City Planning Commission and the Coastal Commission cooperated with, and unpermitted work would never have been done.

Over the past four years the electorate has learned that constant repetition of the Big Lie has reified it into fact in the minds of too many.

Stop it.

Have another drink with the only female who appears to be willing to do that with you—your imaginary robot.


Kiku Terasaki, Laguna Beach

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  1. Kiki, Thank you for addressing Mr. Ray’s ridiculous efforts to continue his destructive narrative about the Laguna Hotel and Laguna Beach residents. What an imagination.

  2. Lady and Gentlemen,

    There is one reality: Village Laguna HATES having lost its power and will do anything to regain it. This includes stopping a perceived enemy from gaining ANYTHING, including partial reopening of Hotel Laguna. And leave the smirking references to yourselves.


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