Letter: Response From Recycled Pets Rescue


This is Randi Berger with Recycled Pets Rescue and we trust that this will be printed in an effort to bring truth and integrity to this paper as well as a greater coexistence and unity for our community and our all-volunteer rescue efforts that have been in existence for over 30 years helping thousands of abused, sick and senior pets throughout the country.

We agree with some of the information that was printed regarding hospitality night in Laguna Beach on Dec. 3, 2021. The CEO of the Chamber of Commerce, Sandy Morales, should resign. She fabricated several statements in an effort to preserve her salaried position of what appears to be approximately $80,000 with the Chamber of Commerce, at the expense of the welfare of animals and took no responsibility for her own actions regarding hospitality night. It was only after 1 or 2 people complained with louder voices than the hundreds who thanked us for being there, that it appeared she rallied to harm our reputation.

Morales claimed I name-dropped by stating I was referred by a chamber ambassador to secure a booth. This is completely false. Before the event I emailed her letting her know that we would be offering patriotic pet bandanas, flags, shirts, hats and other high demand items with the money going to the charity so she was aware that we did not just have pet items. Many of these items are donated to us which is what we offer to the public. Morales stated that we had a political organization. This also is completely false.

Regardless, at no time during the event did anyone from the Chamber of Commerce or anyone working the event request we take anything down of the diverse items we had available. If any event representative had requested this at any time during the night, we would have immediately complied. The Chamber of Commerce table was directly across from our booth and we noticed that no one was at it most of the night. It appeared they packed up and left shortly after the event started.

Via email I offered to pay for the booth or pay to join the chamber since I spend much of my time in Laguna, none of which they required.

Unfortunately this article failed to show the free Homeopet supplements we were offering in addition to the rainbow flags, love beanies, pet bandanas and other pet Christmas items we were offering, showing the diversity that our charity expresses.

Our rescue worked under the umbrella of other rescues until I released my book (no longer in print) and wanted the proceeds from my book to go to the charity which is when we established our own 501c3. The LA Times Festival of Books even had me at a booth at UCLA after my book was released on my rescue.

A few years ago we dealt with too many deaths of longtime volunteers and people moving out of state and have been regrouping.

Regardless, this smear campaign on a pet rescue that has thrived for over 30 years with no one taking a salary and has helped thousands of mostly senior and abused pets recover from severe abuse and illness, has done more damage to the welfare of animals due to a few peoples’ divisive political beliefs or greed than creating anything of value.

I pray we all can regroup, work on peacefully coexisting and express more tolerance with different opinions for the greater good of all.

For any of you who had hatred to us who needs help with rehabilitating a pet, we welcome the opportunity to unify and help your superior four-legged ones thrive, as so many were given death sentences before coming into our care and being saved.

Randi Berger

Founder of Recycled Pets Rescue

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  1. I am completely embarrassed the way people in this city acted, like children, running off to social media with so much hate for something they knew nothing about. To discredit someone in the newspapers and online. I saw the busy booth that Randi had and as far as I am concerned and most of those I know, she has the freedom to sell whatever she wants to help the rescue as long as it isn’t porn or some truly distasteful thing. All the lies and abuse of a person because they didn’t agree with political content which is seen everywhere every day. This over reaction was simply a way to censor and warn others, do not come to this city unless you believe the way we do. There were other political groups there and nothing was said. Sandy Morales should resign, she kicked someone under the bus even though she welcomed Randi to be there. Then we have a CC member freaking out and running to the papers..Totally a surreal, childish mark on the people in this city. A apology is in order to this woman and the lies and humiliation she had to endure over petty politics and small mindedness.

  2. F*CK JOE BIDEN isn’t ‘distasteful? The so-called doggie rescue booth was rife with inappropriate content(porn is protected by the Constitution btw…) for the gleeful Laguna greeting of the holidays known as Hospitality Night.

    As for acting like children and running to social media…..kettle meet pot much?

    The so-called rescue organization pulled a fast one to get a booth that night only to display their inherent hate and divisiveness.

    Lessons learned ALL the way around.


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