Letter: Response to Attack on Rouda and Councilmembers


Christopher Kling’s July 16 letter to the editor attacking Harley Rouda and our City Council would be funny if it weren’t so distressing. Kling attacks Rouda for being “hateful” and “uncivil,” then launches into a hate-filled rant against Rouda and several city councilmembers.  Kling doesn’t pause to reflect that members of City Council and the majority of Laguna Beach residents support Harley Rouda because he was a hard-working and productive Congressman during his two years in office.

Contrast Rouda’s record with those of Dana Rohrabacher, who was a national joke, and Rep. Michelle Steel, who has disappeared into office, has done basically nothing for our district, and has so far avoided condemning the Big Lie and the Jan. 6 insurrection. We need a congressperson (Rouda) who actually takes governing seriously rather than a do-nothing like Steel, who is silent in the face of dangerous extremists in her own party, and who thinks it is enough to parrot the tired mantra of “lower taxes” and then proceed to fail to address any of the pressing issues facing our district and our country.

Roger Owens, Laguna Beach


  1. Mr. Owens in all due respect, can you tell me anything that Harley has done for the benefit of anyone? He does not pay his taxes, he calls those that think differently morans, He sit’s on his beach with his drink, while the rest of us couldn’t leave our homes and the beaches were off limits. I don’t know of one thing he has done, I would hope you could find an actual committed Democrat, since you are into parties, that will at least perform. I know that is a lot to ask, but asking. It would truly also be nice to have someone that is not hateful and full of himself.


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