Letter: Response to Sam Goldstein


I realize that gentlemen of a certain age or upbringing, such as Sam Goldstein, still believe that a wife must speak or act per the dictates of their husband. It’s a quaint belief, which even some women still share. However, many executive women who have built long (continuing) careers in their own names and fields would take issue with this, and label it “sexism.”

My own writing and publishing credits date back longer than the years of my marriage since my work with methodologists has provided me with a unique set of skills. My career is writing and publishing. This is my training and conditioning. Earlier beliefs about a “wife’s place” are another form of training, and while out-of-date must be forgiven since it is difficult for some to change due to their earlier conditioning.

Deborah Laughton, Laguna Beach

Editor’s Note: Deborah is the spouse of Councilmember George Weiss and publisher of Methodology and Statistics.

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