Letter: Retire City Gas Trucks and Cars


I agree with Katy Norton’s questioning on the City spending $75,000 for a “study” on converting our municipal fleet to electrical vehicles (EV’s), but not for the idea of EV’s being the “expensive virtue signaling stunt” that Katy suggests. Quite the opposite! That $75,000 could have bought a new Rivian or Ford E150 when the time comes to retire an older gas car or truck. Do we really need another outside consultant telling us what every EV owner already knows? EV’s are a superior technology that are just better, quicker, cleaner, quieter, simpler and less expensive to own and operate. EV’s have about 2,000 less moving parts that need repair or replacement, and only cost $7 to $15 to “fill up”, compared to over $100 for gas guzzlers. Yes, EV’s cost more upfront, but every reputable peer-reviewed study from The Wall Street Journal to Consumer Reports show that EV cost of ownership including purchase price, maintenance, fuel, etc.; can save $7,000 to $15,000 per vehicle on lifetime cost. Why did L.A. City just approve electrifying 10,000 city-owned vehicles? EV’s are better for the bottom line.

Additionally, EV’s are one part of the solution to weaning ourselves off our imported oil addiction, and complicity in fossil-fueled conflicts, and lowering our trajectory towards a too hot planet. As we add local renewable energy like solar to feed our electric grid, we’ll create a more sustainable and resilient solution for mobility in Laguna Beach that seems vitally important in light of our uncertain energy future? Wouldn’t it be fiscally irresponsible, and a waste of taxpayer dollars, for our City to continue purchasing fossil fuel-burning vehicles, when a far better solution is available today?

Christopher Prelitz, Laguna Beach

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