Letter: Rounaghi Deserves a Shot


The reality about Alex Rounaghi being elected to the City Council lies somewhere in the middle. Does Mr. Rounaghi deserve a chance? Absolutely. Regardless of his youth or naivete, he was heavily promoted by his parent’s connections and millennials. He deserves a shot. Does he have experience? Not really. A brief role working for a known-to-be difficult politician may hone negotiation skills, but not the true life experience one needs to lead our city. Does attending an Ivy League school mean you’re brilliant? Not always. From seeing Rounaghi speak, he appears to be somewhat socially awkward and lack the finesse needed to really make a change. Will people listen to him? Probably. He works for an OC Supervisor who wants to sink her teeth into the council as much as she can. Whether Rounaghi likes it or not, he’s certain to be a pawn to the master plan for Supervisor Foley. Otherwise, he would quit and focus on Council alone.

James Rue, Laguna Beach

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  1. Are other readers equally taken aback by these ad hominem attacks on Alex Rounaghi? They just seem so cranky and mean-spirited. Alex has participated in exactly two Council meetings since being sworn in, but already this writer is ready to dismiss him. Based on…? Unclear. We appear to have a civil Council now; can’t we be civil in return?

  2. Thank you, Ms Jurca, for this comment and for leading by example. I am on the opposite side of some of the Coaltion’s CEQA lawsuits, but I appreciated the civility with which you and Marc Weiner expressed your differences at the recent Council meeting.

  3. “Inexperienced Millenial, Intern Trained by O.C. Dems, Elected by Near Sighted Trendies,”: Pat, I’d like to solve the puzzle.

  4. Yes, Catherine – other readers are offended. Highly. I don’t understand it. Thanks for pointing it out and hope we can all keep an open mind as to the future of Laguna Beach.


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