Letter: Sally’s Fund is Vital For Seniors


With the arrival of summer tourists and children out of school, the availability of the trolley and local van services for older residents like me can become a concern.

I recently read a letter in the Independent about Sally’s Fund needing donations because the price of gas is so high. As I read it, I noted that this nonprofit’s mission is to transport seniors, but it didn’t mention the many other valuable services it offers.

It’s an unusual opportunity to have access to a service that, for a nominal fee, assists and escorts older people from their door to their destination, waits with them at appointments if needed, and makes sure they are safely inside their door at the end of their excursion. They even offer occasional field trips just for fun, like the one this week to an eatery in Dana Point Harbor that was generously sponsored by Ebell Club. Trips to and from the Susi Q Senior Center are free, and there’s no registration fee.

Also, unlike the city’s Laguna Local on-demand ride service or trolleys, Sally’s Fund drives within a 30-mile radius to transport seniors to medical, physical therapy, and dental appointments. It also takes us grocery shopping and to run errands. We are able to go to Gelson’s, Trader Joe’s, Ralphs, Walmart, and Target. It is empowering to be able to pick out exactly what we want and socialize a bit while we’re doing it.

This is such a vital, convenient service for all of Laguna’s seniors and their loved ones to know about. I always know that I am in good hands with Sally’s Fund. You can learn more at sallysfund.org.

Arlene Bernholtz, Laguna Beach

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