Letter: School Board Denying Dee Perry Presidency

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I am appalled at the way the School Board is treating Dee Perry. Two of my sons had Dee as their second-grade teacher and her entire focus has always been what was best for the children.  Nothing has changed in her attitude in the 25 years I have known her. Her reason for running for the school board was so that the students could have a voice. I was here when this board tried to shut down that lone voice when the High School students begged, yes begged, them to have a voice in their governing board and to rewrite a constitution that was relevant to today. The board wouldn’t even allow that as an agenda item.

My understanding is that only the president can put an item on the agenda, not another member of the board. So, Dee patiently waited her turn first as clerk with the assumption that she would be president. And then she was denied her rightful position not once, but twice, as president, despite board bylaws saying that a board member is president after being clerk. I want to know by what metric, what right, do they unilaterally have the authority to say that she is “not presidential material?” What does that mean—do they have a policy to delineate what presidential material is? Are any of them that presidential material? How are they able to disregard their own policy of president after clerk position?

I am one of the residents who voted for Dee twice. The board has twice tried to take away my voice via Dee through this blatant power grab and total disregard for their own policies. What are they so afraid of with Dee? That she could actually be effective? That she, as the second highest vote getter in the last election, might make a difference and let the students have a voice in their academic lives? Are their egos so large that they are convinced that only they are right? Why not follow board rules and see what happens?

I ask, no demand, that the current president resign and a new election be immediately called nominating and approving Dee Perry as the rightful president according to School Board bylaws.


Michèle Monda, Laguna Beach

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  1. I also call for the resignation of the current president of the Laguna Beach School Board!

    This is an absolute outrage, and our kids deserve better!


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