Letter: School District Annual Report is Recommended Reading

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If you didn’t have a chance to look through the June 21 Laguna Beach Independent print edition and its accompanying insert, “LBUSD: The Stories that Shaped Us 2018-19 Annual Report to the Community,” please take a few minutes to do so online by visiting www.lbusd.org/page.cfm?p=1003. Informative and readable, the report gives you a data-driven, results-focused, and heartfelt look inside our very fine school system.

For everyone wanting to know how a Laguna Beach public education impacts people past and present, this report is clear and engaging. The stories are from teachers, students, parents, alumni, and administrators who care deeply about their roles and experiences in LBUSD. The presentation is welcoming and inclusive, featuring helpful graphics, photos, and key stories, also in Spanish.

For example, The Whole Child section explains how students are being supported in order to best take advantage of their school experiences. It also highlights the specialized training that staff receives to carry out its important and demanding work.

The California School Dashboard shows “parents and communities how well schools and districts are meeting the needs of all students.” The four-year growth rate shows significant achievement, enabling us to view LBUSD progress in the context of the California accountability system.

Many thanks to the Laguna Beach Council PTA, SchoolPower, and the LBU School District Cabinet, including Superintendent Jason Viloria, for producing this excellent document. Hats off to the teachers, support staff, librarians, counselors, social workers, coaches, and staff for their outstanding contributions. I believe that we as neighbors, as well as anyone looking to relocate to our community, should be impressed with the high value we place upon our schools.

Jim Kelly, LBUSD Board Member

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