Letter: So Much for Decorum and Civility Policy


Congratulations! Laguna Beach is once again the laughing stock of the entire nation after a majority of the City Council took a stand (why not a knee?) last weekend, with former Congressman Harley Rouda before, during or after his atrocious and hateful comments branding the more than 74 million citizens who voted for President Donald J. Trump, as “morons”.

Does the recent Decorum and Civility Policy that was obviously adopted to shut up Councilmember Peter Blake, not apply to the rest of the city council or the congressional candidate that the majority of council clearly supports? Of course it doesn’t apply to feckless Democrats and/or liberals.

The City Council has failed our community miserably, the majority of the council has no moral compass, the hypocrisy is deafening, and the leadership is an utter disgrace.

My inbox this morning was littered with what citizens from all over our great country really think of Harley Rouda, and it was not pretty.

The same Harley Rouda who waged a racist campaign against a South Korean-born female immigrant, Rep. Michelle Steel and lost because there weren’t enough harvested ballots to save his sorry ass.

The same Harley Rouda, who claims to be from Laguna Beach, the same Harley Rouda who failed to pay taxes and the same Harley Rouda who famously utilized his private community beach, located behind a “wall” during the pandemic while millions were forced to lockdown. Yes, that same Harley Rouda.

For the sake of decency, the Laguna Beach City Council members who attended Harley Rouda’s Town Hall meeting last weekend, should issue their constituents an apology, at the very least. And for God’s sake, please stop humiliating us in front of the entire country!

Yours truly,

Christopher Kling, Laguna Beach


  1. We attended Harley Rouda’s Town Hall on Wednesday, July 7. As a resident of Laguna Beach, it is appropriate that Harley held his first town hall of 2021 in Laguna. Members of the community, including council members, are interested in hearing his plans for the future as Harley will be running for the office again in 2022. We are long-time volunteers because we respect him and admire his goals of protecting our planet from the harm of toxic carbon pollution. Harley is well-informed and understands that the events of January 6 severely tarnished our standing in the world. Harley has always wanted to work with bipartisan cooperation to protect our democracy in America and to get things done to improve our community in District 48.
    During his tenure, he was known as one of the most legislatively productive freshman members of Congress. We hope he will have that opportunity again!

  2. Thank you Christopher Kling for so succintly exposing not only the hypocritical bias of a majority of our city council, but also the blatant hypocrisy of former one term Congressman Harley Rouda, beaten by current our Congresswoman, Michelle Steele. Seems what is good for the goose they don’t want for the gander. Rules for thee, but not for me. That about covers it.

  3. Chris Angel Kling – F.Y.I. Laguna Beach has been the laughing stock of the nation since Tim Leary was based here passing out free Orange Sunshine with the Brotherhood of Eternal Love. Just sayin’ . .


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