Letter: Solar Can’t Wait

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Every California ratepayer should have the right to harness the sunshine that falls on their home, school or business without the meddling or discriminatory behavior of the utilities. I was very disturbed to hear that our elected California state senators just gutted a common sense bill that would have put those basic protections into law.

SB 288, also known as the Solar Bill of Rights (Wiener), would have prohibited utilities from slapping solar users with discriminatory fees that punish them for making their own energy and stopped utilities from “reaching behind the meter” to keep you from making your own energy.

The utilities lobbied to kill these protections, and a small group of state senators on the Senate Appropriations committee complied, without any public discussion.

Fellow community-members: join me in asking our state lawmakers to bring back the Solar Bill of Rights and stand up for everyone’s basic right to the sun.

Boris Piskun, Laguna Beach

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