Letter: Stop Spraying Roundup in Laguna


In response to Tex Haines’ letter of May 26, I, too, witnessed on Tuesday a brigade of Nature’s Landscaping trucks stream by – one, two, three, four, five. I found it odd since few cars travel our back road this time of year. A sleepy section of South Laguna had a gorgeous display of native flowers this year, the best I’ve ever seen. A Laguna Canyon Foundation (LCF) truck appeared shortly after, so I inquired. He explained that Roundup would be sprayed in the area and tried to reassure me that once it’s dry, it’s safe.

As he talked, I looked over his shoulder at the man spraying, and he didn’t have any protective gear on. The words of the LCF man were ringing in my ears “Once it’s dry, it’s safe,” and I had visions of the previous day when a mother and her young son played in the same area and where locals come to rake up spent native flower stalks away from the storm drainage area.

I thought of the owlet that had just fledged her nest the week before from a tree that was only feet away from where the man was spraying. I felt as though I had witnessed an act of violence against her and our community. It’s been days since the spraying, and I contemplate where I will enjoy a walk with my dog to avoid a toxin that I know will affect his and my microbiome.¬†

Please stop spraying Roundup in Laguna.

Lori Stephen, Laguna Beach

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