Letter: Streamlining Traffic through Laguna Canyon Road

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Spending too much time in traffic jams on Laguna Canyon Road makes you think that there must be a better way to manage the traffic flow to and from Laguna Beach, using Laguna Canyon Road.

This is my solution:

A traffic alleviation proposal submitted by Laguna Woods resident Yori Neumark.
A traffic alleviation proposal submitted by Laguna Woods resident Yori Neumark.
  1. Build a (four-lane) tunnel connecting Phillips Street (or just north of Phillips Street) to the junction of El Toro and SR-73 (#1 in picture).
  2. Widen Philips Street (or just north of Phillips Street) and connect it to Laguna Canyon Road (#2 in picture) on one end, and to the new tunnel on the other end.
  3. All traffic out of Laguna Beach (travelling on Laguna Canyon Road north) will be diverted through the new tunnel and back to Laguna Canyon Road through the current on/off ramps of SR-73/El Toro and Laguna Canyon Road. And in reverse for traffic travelling south into Laguna Beach.
  4. Close the following roads to all traffic in both directions:
    • From the junction of El Toro and SR-73, to the junction of El Toro and Laguna Canyon Road (#3 in the picture)
    • From the junction of Laguna Canyon Road and SR-73, to the junction of Laguna Canyon Road and El Toro (#4 in the picture)
  5. Remove the traffic lights and place a turnabout at the current location of the junction of Laguna Canyon Road and El Toro (#5 in the picture). The only traffic travelling north on Laguna Canyon Road beyond Phillips Street will go either to Anneliese Schools or Willow Staging Area.
  6. Create a parking area for park and ride in the junction of Laguna Canyon Road and SR-73 (#6 in the picture).
  7. During heavier traffic, limit the pedestrian road crossing by Laguna College of Art & Design to every three to five minutes.
  8. Free the Toll Roads (73, 241, 261 and 91).Benefits of this approach:
  1. Streamlining the traffic in and out of Laguna Beach using Laguna Canyon Road with minimal environmental impact:
    • No need to widen Laguna Canyon Road from Phillips Street north to the junction of SR-73
    • No need to chop off any trees along Laguna Canyon Road
    • Reclaim the area between the two closed roads (#4) and return it to wilderness/open space
  2. Minimal impact of local traffic during construction
  3. Easy access to/from both Anneliese Schools and Willow Staging Area


Yori Neumark, Laguna Woods


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  1. Need to limit the amount of cars.. Need a large park and ride at the 405 and laguna canyon and then a monorail that takes people into laguna. There is limited parking in Laguna and heavy traffic. A monorail that runs from the farmers market to the 405 would reduce vehicular traffic and not disturb the ecosystem in the canyon

  2. Laguna can never build roads nor parking faster than Europe Japan and Detroit can build cars. Traffic congestion is not a design problem, it demands a policy solution. Watch for candidates who support one, incumbents don’t.


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