Letter: Street Beat and Electric Bikes


In Street Beat, the City is seriously shortchanging residents’ public safety. Two weeks ago, Street Beat listed the time of day and location of incidents from the police logs. This week, that information is missing. If memory serves, this same thing happened in mid-April.

It is vitally important for residents to know where and when police incidents occur in relation to our own neighborhoods. I hope the City understands this and continues to provide this detailed information on a weekly basis to the Indy.

For example, are there traffic violations involving electric bicycles? If so, where did they occur and at what time of day? I have witnessed multiple incidents lately: riding on sidewalks, blowing straight through stop signs on Glenneyre, jumping a grass berm in Bluebird Park and, recently, doing wheelies on Gaviota—all during the day. The incidents involved kids, adults and, unfortunately, adults with kids.

I would like to hear what the LBPD is doing to mitigate the potential for real tragedy, particularly as summer approaches. Are any training sessions being contemplated? What are the laws governing electric bikes and what enforcement efforts are being undertaken?

Clearly community cooperation and communication are a big part of public safety, particularly in a small town like ours. I look forward to hearing from the LBPD about this question in this newspaper.

Kiku Terasaki, Laguna Beach

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