Letter: Support Our Hotels


As a dual resident of the Las Vegas area and Laguna Beach and long-time Laguna Beach homeowner, former Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce CEO and president, and a 10-year board member of the Laguna Beach Boys & Girls Club, I have always had a vested interest in the city’s future. As such, I was disturbed to witness a small protest from non-residents who oppose remodeling plans at some Laguna Beach hotels.

The Laguna Beach coastline is a jewel that must be preserved. Part of that preservation requires routine maintenance and repair of our existing structures, including hotels, along the coastline. I, along with my neighbors, support tasteful renovations and preservation. I am confident that the Laguna Beach city councilmembers consider issues such as accessibility and traffic impacts when approving local projects.

I do, however, strongly question the motivations behind this group opposing the remodeling projects. The June 9 article mentions the organizers of the protest were from UNITE HERE Local 11, a controversial hospitality workers union based in Los Angeles. A union? Some of you may also recall receiving an unsolicited spam text message this spring from the same group. I got one, as did my daughter.

I did an internet search for Local 11 and was surprised to discover that they oppose a bipartisan federal assistance package for jobless hospitality workers. Our neighbors could use that help!

I support the employees who work here, residents who live here and local businesses who operate here in Laguna Beach. We treasure our community and our independence. We don’t need a group from Los Angeles telling us what we need to support and not support.   

Paula Hornbuckle-Arnold, Henderson, Nev. & Laguna Beach



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