Letter: Technology and the City


As we all know, when technology is involved, there are “glitches!” Watching City meetings via Zoom reminds me of the many times I was depended on at Planning Commission meetings, task force meetings, and committee meetings to keep those meetings running smoothly and quickly address any issues that arose. The City’s IT department was appreciative of my capabilities because it meant they did not have to attend those meetings, and the City and taxpayers saved money because fewer staff were required to attend meetings.

As City Clerk, my technological skills will once again be put to use to help improve efficiency of City meetings. My desire to assist the citizens of Laguna is the reason I have chosen to run for this critical role. As your ambassador, we can work together with a vision to help Laguna Beach and its residents thrive! Although I am not yet in office, I am on the journey to help you. I am at your service! Reach out to me if you need any assistance navigating the “new normal” to participate in City meetings; I am happy to help!

Ann Marie McKay, Laguna Beach

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