Letter: The Devil You Think You Know


Why are writers so comfortable peddling untruths and false accusations about Village Laguna? Do they have higher standards for accuracy in other parts of their lives? I hope so, but I wish they would be more honest and less paranoid.

The latest example is Cara Abrahams’s letter to the editor on May 7. Here she confidently refers to the Laguna Beach Historic Preservation Coalition as Village Laguna’s “lawsuit division.” Similar speculation masquerading as fact has appeared in other letters.

That is silly. If the Coalition were Village Laguna‘s “lawsuit division,” Village Laguna would not have joined the Coalition and Preserve Orange County in a lawsuit against the City’s revised historic preservation program. These are three different groups.

How do I know? I am the founder of the Laguna Beach Historic Preservation Coalition. It has no relation to Village Laguna. I am a member of Village Laguna. I am also a member of the Laguna Beach Democratic Club and the Laguna Canyon Conservancy as well as many other organizations outside Laguna. The Coalition is also not their “lawsuit division.”

Four of the 17 board members of Village Laguna are members of the Laguna Beach Historic Preservation Coalition and have identified themselves as such. They are or were also members of another Coalition. There are other members of the Laguna Beach Historic Preservation Coalition who are not members of Village Laguna. I have left it up to every individual whether he or she wants to disclose membership. I don’t blame anyone for avoiding such revelations in this nasty climate.

Readers, you don’t need to believe me. But I’m not lying. I’m not making this up, and I’m not speculating. I wish others would do the same.

Cathy Jurca

Laguna Beach


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