Letter: The Worst Enemy


Regarding Kelly Boyd’s recent letter that “the game is rigged.”

Please let me remind you that people have independent opinions, thank God. They don’t all join clubs, they don’t all band together, they don’t all choose sides. But Kelly Boyd and the usual suspects would have us believe that it’s all about us versus them. They continue to lambast Village Laguna and Ann Christoph as though they were actual enemies. They could not be farther from the truth.

The people of Laguna who have opposing points of view are not holding clandestine meetings to discuss devious ways to plant trees, save neighborhoods, or heaven forbid, acknowledge our heritage. They do speak out though, as I do, and in the light of day no less.

Strangely, Mr. Boyd’s hidden and perpetual fear of an outside opinion is found only in those that listen to too much AM radio.

The people of Laguna have varying points of view and I can’t see how or why they, or much less the Laguna Beach Independent would stack the deck. My guess is they don’t even care. And fear not; Laguna Beach is not becoming too liberal. But the majority of us do believe in being heard. However, if the Boyds, Blakes, and Browns had their way, that option would be denied.

My vote? If they truly cared about Laguna instead of themselves they would get involved instead of getting in line: that “lockstep” mentality is a little scary.  Although at present, they each are clearly their own worst enemy. 

Mace Morse, Bluebird Canyon

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