Letter: Thumbs Down on Canyon Tree Lopping


That previously unseen concrete bonanza on Laguna Canyon Road just past the Pacific Marine Mammal Center, of what some (me) might call an eyesore, turns out to be the Laguna Self Storage/U-Haul facility.

You’ve never seen it before because they just removed a total of 15 trees, most of which used to hide the place. Perhaps intentionally planted by the people who built it around 1985 to hide the said eyesore on the otherwise mostly picturesque Laguna Canyon Road.

I was told that it was done so that potential customers could see that there exists a storage option in Laguna Beach when driving by. I was also told that since COVID-19, they’re at almost 100 percent occupancy. The property management company, based in Newport Beach, has some 30 plus other storage properties across the country.

In a world of search engines, and for now, the Yellow Pages, I can’t believe this was necessary. We have a marine mammal rescue center, we “saved the canyon” from 10,000 new homes in the 1990s, we’re the only city in Orange County completely surrounded by open space, we have a yearly water-wise city competition. We seem to have a record of being somewhat environmentally conscious. One might think that this would have faced more opposition. Certainly anyone within 300 feet would have received a letter to declare disapproval, but, for whatever reason, it still went down.

Boo. Wrong call. Thumbs way down.

Duane Allee, Top of the World


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