Letter: Time for Change on School Board

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I read Michele Monda’s column in last week’s Indy and I am outraged by the behavior of the School Board and superintendent. To put the taxpayers/residents/children of Laguna Beach in a situation where we are once again funding a defense of seemingly unethical behaviors by Superintendent Viloria and the board is reckless. It also seems to me that the lawyer advising them, Bresee, did some possibly questionable (illegal?) things and should immediately recuse himself from representing them. What bothers me the most is the apparent backdoor relationship between the superintendent and board member Normandin. Does he tell her everything? Does she advise him how to respond to all emails? Seems so. The public records information has really exposed their relationship and calls out this nonsense. This whole situation smells of cronyism, vindictiveness and secrecy (that has been exposed). Is this who we want guiding our children’s education? Time for a change. These people must be removed from the board.


India Hynes, Laguna Beach

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