Letter to the editor: Measure Q banner vandalized

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I woke up early this morning to attend the Sept. 11 memorial remembrance at monument point in Heisler park. Left at 8:30 a.m. Sunday morning. The banner I had placed on Laguna Canyon Road stating my perspective on Measure Q was in good shape. We all may disagree on the message, but that is what democracy is all about. I came home at about 10:15 a.m. to find the banner vandalized. Clearly someone who disagreed with the message or a proponent of Measure Q was the culprit. Don’t like the message, vandalize it! That seems to be their mantra! There have been other incidences of vandalism and theft in town during our election cycle by folks who either oppose candidates or political messages. Whether you are for or against measure Q, this type of juvenile behavior should tell us a lot about the small-minded pettiness of those who endorse Measure Q. They appear willing to do anything to win! Spread misinformation. Done! Vandalize opposing viewpoints. Mission accomplished! What next? When measure Q goes down to a resounding defeat? Rigged election! Shame on those who feel democracy only applies to them. Playing fair is clearly not in their vocabulary. The police have been notified and a report has been made.

Jorg Dubin, Laguna Beach

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  1. Although I vehemently disagree with Mr Dubin on the topic of Measure Q, I stand with him in decrying vandalism of any type. We can disagree but remain civil. There’s no place for such behavior. Let’s move forward in a civil manner please!

  2. OMG, I’m outraged at this crime of the century!
    Round up the usual suspects—except might it just have been someone who knew you’d have a cow, go ballistic, punked you and has no interest in the political game?
    Knew you’d throw a temper tantrum?
    Jeez, Dubin, Ive known you for 50 years, I didn’t know that you had such thin skin.
    Wait a sec, is that the LBPD at MY door? :+) :+) :+)
    Certainly over the years you’ve created art that was intended to provoke outrage or distress, haven’t you?
    And perhaps someone could enlighten me: Can a person who only leases on multi-unit property file trespassing and/or vandalism charges if they don’t own said parcel?
    Art isn’t always about being sacred, and politics are definitely no longer a hallowed field——this is a piffle, and maybe by blowing it up you’re playing into the prankster hands.
    Chillax and slow your roll, cuz.

  3. Oh my Roger, your pithy response is really special. My skin may be pale however I can assure you it is very thick. And wait, what no mention of your tenure in the Marines? That is usually your opening shot! Perhaps if you spent more time doing something positive to contribute to the community and conversation you would spend less time spewing vitriol and barfing up nonsense. You use of street slang is hilarious!

  4. Stealing political signs is a crime, but it seems to be happening throughout Laguna Beach to both sides on Measure Q. The “Yes on Measure Q” banner that was on someone’s private property on Third St has disappeared, too. It appears that someone in town dislikes BOTH Pro-Measure Q banners and anti-Measure Q banners. Maybe it’s some banner phobia like a bull with a red cape? It shouldn’t have happened to Mr. Dubin’s anti-Measure Q banner nor the pro-Measure Q banner on Third St.

  5. Since Dubin had made such a public, hanky-wringing display of this supposed vandalism, it’s fair to ask several additional questions:
    I’m sure there’s a 3rd degree misdemeanor Municipal Code violation in there somewhere or else the LBPD wouldn’t have accepted a report, correct?
    But as he probably didn’t pay for the sign (the PAC did), he could just get another, what exactly are the fiscal damages? Not for acting morally outraged, emotional loss, mind you, but for diminishment of property?
    Second, knowing how artists love to promote themselves, this artist’s ginormous ego, even better get free publicity, knowing Dubin’s stated high profile in support of this PACs effort, isn’t it possible that he staged this himself as a stunt?
    What better way than to manipulate media, incite more animosity towards LRF as if axiomatically THEY are the culprits?
    Does he have CCTV footage of the act?
    Could he have recruited someone to deface it?
    Doesn’t it seem a little too convenient, that an outspoken opponent is the outraged recipient, feigns the role of their victim?
    Qui bono, who exactly profited by not the act but the publicity?
    As for MM’s comments: C’mon man, you cannot be serious?
    Both sides of this war have harshly accused the other of incivility, being nefarious, deceptive and grossly fallacious in their inflammatory columns, LTE and propaganda.
    Suddenly courteous diplomacy has broken out after all of the fire, the abrasive, polarizing rhetoric, calling each other liars, etc.?
    Am I the only one who notices that 90% of the friction comes from machismo sources, i.e., beta male posing and typically rude social behavior?
    Doesn’t this just beget more of the same, both sides rife with these types of guys?
    Braggarts, like bullies, are usually insecure and have low self-esteem—they love the attention to compensate for their own insecurities.
    And isn’t that one of women’s main gripes with men?
    Keep tearing up Laguna, irreparably and irrevocably separate us, that seems to be one of the intended byproducts of these types of internecine conflicts.
    And those City Council candidates who vow that they are so special, that they can unite us, “have a plan,” make us whole after the war?
    If they lose, not to worry, they might have a future in stand up comedy!

  6. Question for Michael Morris: Could you extend your prohibition on not stealing yard signs to not stealing yard sign copy? You keep doing this on Nextdoor, which makes it harder to take you seriously. I’m not sure if this qualifies as petty vandalism, but it’s certainly petty.

  7. “Braggarts, like bullies, are usually insecure and have low self-esteem—they love the attention to compensate for their own insecurities.” I see Roger is penning his autobiography. No need, as he tells it to us weekly: Chapter 1 – I was in the Marines. Chapter 2 – I was a contractor. Chapter 3: I started a long dormant one man NGO. Chapter 4 – I lost all agency in Laguna and resort to angry, long-winded, grammatically tortured screeds in a futile attempt at relevance.

  8. Roger the artful dodger! You are sounding a lot like Tucker Carlson posing silly questions like some Qanon anchorman! Great entertainment for sure! As a person who loved playing baseball you haven’t even come close to getting your cleats with your comical allegations. Keep it up! We all need more laughter these days!


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