Letter to the Editor: This writer used to be a Republican


This writer used to be a Republican. My first vote for president was Barry Goldwater in 1964. Four years later, when I was a Captain in the Army, I voted for Richard Nixon. It wasn’t until I switched parties and voted for Independent John Anderson in 1980, that I told myself there is more to a candidate than an “R” after his or her name. This brings me to Judie Mancuso, a different kind of Democratic candidate running in the 72nd Assembly District (which includes the coastal communities of Laguna, Newport, Huntington Beach and Seal Beach).   


For starters, Judie understands the critical connection between clean beaches and vibrant, local businesses. Personally, I view this relationship as vital to my family’s future health and welfare, and why I attended the rally Judie organized at Laguna’s Main Beach after last fall’s 25,000 gallon oil spill closed OC beaches. Despite the fact numerous local elected officials showed up, Judie’s current Assembly opponent, Diane Dixon, was nowhere to be found that day.  


Second, Judie is against raising taxes. That’s why she opposes Prop. 30, the tax on income above $2 million, on the ballot this fall. And lastly, Judie supports seniors like myself. She believes the $35 monthly cap on insulin is a game-changer. I couldn’t agree more. (Interestingly, every GOP lawmaker in Congress, including our own Rep. Michelle Steel, voted against this provision in the new Inflation Reduction Act, but now she is campaigning like the cap was her idea. Go figure.)


Every election season is an opportunity to reset political priorities. I honestly believe Judie Mancuso’s priorities are right for Orange County. Even if you are a Republican who votes the party line like I used to, I urge you to take a serious look at Judie. I don’t think you will be disappointed.


Bob Mister, Laguna Beach

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  1. Bob Mister what am I supposed to do now? Vote for her because you wrote this glowing endorsement? Honestly, as a former pol myself, it’s clear this kind of pandering PR is meant to put you in position to get a paid appointment from her with my taxes. Blatant oiling the machine.

  2. Ms Donaldson, you clearly don’t know Bob Mister or you wouldn’t write such disparaging snark about him. You may have earned your cynicism serving as a former pol, but as a current voter, what you are supposed to do now is research candidates and support those who reflect your views and values.

  3. For once this campaign season I have to completely agree with Chris Quilter’s statement. This is the time to keep an open mind and research the candidates for what they stand for not just what party they belong to. I also applaud Bob Mister’s message about why he supports Judie Mancuso. Clare, hopefully you will find that your comments were out of line.

  4. I fully support Judie Mancuso. Since 2016, I have been a supporter of her protection advocacy efforts on behalf of animals. She has been a tireless warrior on this front. Laguna missed the opportunity to have her serve us as our City Council representative in 2018. Had she been elected, Laguna Beach would have been the direct beneficiary of having an intelligent, respectful, fiscally responsible and committed leader producing the same level of successful results she achieved with her non-profit Social Compassion in Legislation and anything else she chooses to tackle. Let’s not make the same mistake again Laguna voters.

    Vote for Judie Mancuso for State Assembly. She will listen. She will be objective. She will act. She will serve us and our district well. Thank you.

  5. MJ, Quilty. Thanks for the “researach guidance. It’s now clear to me – “Her protection advocacy efforts on behalf of animals & Successful results achieved with her non-profit Social Compassion in Legislation”, is nothing more than virtue signalling to low information voters (of which I am not). Good luck in the future, because as far as I can tell from reading the Indy, public opion IS that your old way is O.V.E.R. Big time. Thank God.


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