Letter: Unfit For Office


Does Peter Blake get up on the wrong side of the bed every morning, or is it only when the City Council meets?  His recent email to fellow council member, Toni Iseman, is not only mean and nasty, but completely wrong. Having a medical condition does not preclude one from serving in a civic capacity. After all, Franklin Roosevelt was an extremely effective president during both a major depression and a world war, even though he had polio and could not walk. 

Toni is an extremely competent council member. She does her homework, asks good questions, responds to citizens requests, and conducts herself in an overall professional manner.  I can’t say the same for Peter Blake. He sits scowling during city council meetings. I expect him to growl or bark at any minute. Most of his verbal comments are to interrupt someone during public communications and say something nasty. City councilmembers do not have to agree on the issues, but they have the responsibility to do so in a civilized manner.

Councilmember Blake seems unable to conform to the city’s code of conduct; which calls for officials to treat everyone courteously, listen to others respectfully, exercise self control, be open-minded to all views, avoid personalizing debate, and provide fair and equal treatment for all people and issues.  Peter behaves like a bully and appears to have anger management issues.  Perhaps he is the one who is unfit for civic responsibilities.

Peter, get professional help. You need it!

Anne Frank, Laguna Beach

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  1. Why are people upset with Peter Blake when he states a fact that Those complaining are ignoring? There is an issue here if this is true, aside from your outrage with him bringing it up, regarding Toni Iseman that should be addressed. When is someone ill enough that if they do not recuse themselves from holding a city council position the city steps in to replace that position? We do need an aware and competent city council person no?

  2. It’s a FACT that Peter Blake has publicly targeted CC Iseman/Village Laguna since his 2018 campaign. Anyone who attended the candidate forums or attend CC meetings are well aware of Blake’s efforts to discredit and eliminate her from public office. It’s quite obvious to residents right now that he is desperate to accomplish his candidacy rhetoric and twisted obsession with her – thus he’s stepping up his embarrassing public and private assaults. His recent intimidation efforts include emotional and childlike outbursts during the council meeting followed up by his inappropriate letter asking for her personal medical records, resignation and threats of a recall. Talk about a medical concern. Just watching Blake screaming and yelling at people and sending emails to targeted residents he considers enemies is proof enough that he is the one with issues and is unfit to serve and should resign. If he expects residents to support such a request than any movement forward should include the same deliverables from him as clearly his emotional stability and anger issues are under question by his constituents. Maybe all CC members should be requested to participate/ After all, each one of them have appeared to be somewhat ignorant on issues and/or confused at times. Especially Peter Blake who seems to have nothing to say and no depth-of-knowledge on topics during meetings. As for his health, I believe the city has received a record number of constituent complaints about Blake and city videos validate the anger and competency concerns.


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