Letter: Village Entrance Is Uninspired

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Does anyone think a visitor who was here a year ago and came back today would even notice our 40-years-in-the-making $12 million “Village Entrance?” It is beyond pathetic to have lost the opportunity to create something memorable, unique and inspiring to enhance the Laguna Beach experience.

A Village Entrance it is not. It should more aptly be called a “Walking Path” and cost $2 million.

Why do the residents of this beautiful city tolerate such unimaginative mediocrity in so many things—from sad pocket park projects to boring misplaced foot showers on the boardwalk, to benches with 2×4 lumber that are impossible to sit on. It is way past time that we elect people who can do a better job of managing this town and guiding into the second quarter of the 21st century with style and courage and vision.

Maryann Del Pizzo, Laguna Beach

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  1. Mary Ann, with you on this..may I ask why we are even spending outrageous sums of $$$ on an entrance, my God most people “feel” it as they come into down..mediocre at it’s best..think what 2 mil + could really do and why not put in reserves for a rainy day which will come..motto of CC spend spend and then hire consultants who will spend with awful results..when are people going to take notice..been going on forever…politics at it’s lowest.


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