Letter: Village Laguna Didn’t Get the Message


Reading all of the letters lately being sent to your editor from members or “followers” of Village Laguna has been funny. They appear frustrated, angry, etc., over the fact that they did not place their candidates on City Council during this past election in November and are being vindictive, nasty, etc. I guess they didn’t get the message. They resort to saying false things about certain folks, especially with whom they are most angry, with is even worse. For example, our city manager is efficient, effective, and does not play favorites.

The current city manager is what we need to stop the corruption that ran many parts of city hall before her taking on the position. I was even a victim of such an event many years ago. An attorney in Laguna Beach tried to intercept and was told that that person could make such a decision and, once made, could not be amended. I did nothing and followed all the guidelines.

What about all of these special committees like Design Review? For years, they were formed and filled with “volunteers,” and Toni Iseman had full control of them, mostly with Village Laguna folks. With interception by these committee members, Village Laguna followers could get their projects approved. Anyone on a committee who wasn’t a member did not have a voice, and many left their positions frustrated. I have seen this happen countless times, and it was apparent who the Village Laguna members were. Why did Toni have this privilege? I finally brought it up, and some of the processes were changed. But not all. Now we have a hard time getting volunteers to serve. Do we need these special committees, especially when they approve something that was considered done and final by everyone in city hall? I say no.

I will write more about what has passed over the years – especially about view preservation and the months/years of trying to pass this concept. By the way, Village Laguna council members always voted NO on view preservation. I will try to balance council meetings with positive comments on past and present people that Village Laguna is targeting, especially when they are making false statements. 

Ganka Brown, Laguna Beach

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  1. Ganka,

    Nice letter. Thanks for writing it. It’s not Village Laguna but members of Laguna Residents First that continue to harass our City Manager and other city officials.

    They are the folks that comment on these letters with such disdain. They actions are hateful amd xenophobic as now they appear to have resulted on vandalism of the City Manager’s property.

    This activity should be investigated.


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