Letter: Village Laguna has Integrity, Good Track Record

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For the past months, distortions appear quite frequently in your letters to the editor, focusing on Village Laguna and the endearingly lovely Charm House Tour. Anger and resentment and lies often fill your editorial pages.

But the problem with a lie is not the lie itself. The problem is whether or not people are swayed to believe the lie.

Focus on the integrity of Village Laguna, an organization which has a long history of protecting our unique heritage, our green spaces, the loveliness of our ocean and our environment. We know who we are and what we cherish.

Their lies will continue, relentlessly. But truth needs no defense.

Jahn Levitt, Laguna Beach

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  1. I was in attendance in the “by invitation only” Summit, recently hosted by Village Laguna. They invited 15 very Left-leaning organizations to participate.

    However, as a member of Laguna Beach Republicans I was rather disappointed that we were excluded. As a resident of Laguna Beach, I have always valued the inclusive nature of our community.

    The Republicans I know in Laguna Beach, and there are many, share the same concerns with regard to the preservation and conservation of our beautiful landscape and city.

    Why would a cartel of organizations, who claim to value inclusiveness, hold a “by invitation only” summit and then exclude Republicans?

  2. Then why are you lying and misleading the public on fundraising on your website, the Charm Tour Fact Sheet says nothing about donations to political campaigns?


    You also say “But truth needs no defense” then why did almost every Village Laguna Board Member feel the need to write a letter to the editor spinning their own false narrative about VL’s fundraising efforts? And why didn’t you and the others authors disclose your position on the Board of VL?

    And finally what’s VL’s track record on supporting the LBPD and the Police Chief, not good at all! Red, White and Blue these colors don’t run but VL ran away from the public debate about the police cars graphics not voicing their minority opinion in public as to not negatively impact Charm House ticket sales. The only council member to dissent against the Police Chief was Village’s own Toni Iseman.

  3. Actually Jahn, the only “distortions” come from Village Laguna’s inability to be honest and reveal that the funds raised from the Charm House Tour are used to enforce your political agenda. What you describe as an “endearingly lovely Charm House Tour” is actually a deceptive and dirty fundraising campaign. You sell tickets to unknowing residents and use the funds on your politised agenda. They should be aware that their $50 is being spent to elect City Council members who then appoint Village Laguna’s members to Design Review Board, Planning Commission and Heritage. These are the same people who enforce your obstructionist policies that restrict a resident’s property rights. Is that fair? Oh yes, there is a scholarship that’s mentioned along with some contributions to charitable endeavors but the bulk of your expenditures are political. Arent they?

    You state “But the problem with a lie is not the lie itself. The problem is whether or not people are swayed to believe the lie” Actually, for 47 years you’ve been lying by omission and hoping that the residents don’t catch on. Now you’re panicked because the truth got out!

    You want and hope that the public will “focus on the integrity of Village Laguna, an organization which has a long history of protecting our unique heritage, our green spaces, the loveliness of our ocean and our environment” Sorry, it’s time we focused on decades of iron-fisted control over Laguna Beach that has led to our decrepit downtown and a steady erosion of our property rights all at the hands of a group that is no longer capable of representing the more cultured and sophisticated residents. WE pay the bulk of the property tax that fuels our $100 million dollar budget. All of you pay next to nothing and want all of the decision making power.

    You end your letter with “Their lies will continue, relentlessly. But truth needs no defense” Please!! Were you wearing boots when you wrote this?

    Shame on you!

    Peter Blake

  4. Blake condescendingly pretends to speak for the “cultured and sophisticated residents” of Laguna Beach who pays taxes. I’m one of them and can’t stand his demeaning self-serving bloviating. I fully support the good work of Village Laguna. Blake does not speak me, and I look forward to casting a vote against him in the next election.

  5. DBC –

    Do you arrive at all of your political conclusions using only emotional thinking, or just this one?

  6. DBC- I’m glad you support “the good work of Village Laguna” I don’t!

    As a Village Laguna supporter you more than likely didn’t vote for me and obviously, I didn’t need your vote.

    Should I decide to run again, I won’t need your vote once more.

  7. Let’s not forget, Peter had the biggest inaugural day crowds. But I wonder, if Peter runs again and loses, will he claim voter fraud and refuse to leave?

  8. Bobby the residents of a Laguna voted and Peter Blake received the most votes, Toni 2nd and Sue Kempf 3rd. The residents have caught on and have given pushback to Village Laguna candidates that’s why Ann Christoph and Verna Rollinger can’t get elected.

    The biggest crowds are usually found when Village Laguna attempts to steal and strip property rights from homeowners.


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