Letter: What Goes Around Comes Around

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Please Mr. and Mrs. Katz, litigate the City. Seriously.

This happens all too often, lax upper echelon administrators/analysts on city staff that constantly seem oblivious, never read or understood the Coastal Act—councilmembers as well.

As a pro-environmental/land use analyst myself, living in lower Vic and recreating on the beach these past 15 years, I not only watched the tear down and “remodel” in progress but was there the day that the young man, a California Coastal Commission (CCC) staff investigator, showed up to meet with a homeowner and local activist several years ago. He couldn’t find a free parking space, had to feed the meter up near Dizz’s

As a retired general contractor working/living in Laguna since 1972, I knew that someone would object due to the extent, the fudging and bending of building codes: Another environmental protectionist (not me) and/or Lagunita resident would blow the whistle…..it was obviously out of whack, out of compliance with ordinances and regulations.

Please sue the City, make an example out of us, the sheer incompetence and ineptitude, the ignorance have seen their days. Maybe Councilmembers Iseman & Weiss should agendize this flaccid, permissive oversight on the LBCC agenda. Look for both to be co-opted and go-along to get-along. How much money have we blown to defend, including legal fees and staff time, over relatively simple concepts?

Time for a thorough housecleaning at City Hall regarding upper staff level employees, the do-nothing, say-nothing wrong Council just blithely refuses to accept reality: We’re not really what we purport to be, we basically green light anything, then place the time delays and defense burden upon people not only like the Katzes but lesser/smaller but obviously out of compliance projects, our staff leaves us vulnerable to what will likely happen.

Look at the Dornin’s DIG, I have no love for them as everyone knows, I was the main consultant hired by the Canyon opposition, but if they weren’t getting some positive news I’d bet that they would have sued the City to recoup what they went through. And I would not blame them. The City planner that drew the supporting docs/analyses screwed up nearly 10 years ago, which is why there’s still (yes, still) ongoing litigation over the artist’s work/live out in the Canyon.

The past 25 years have been typified by a hostile relationship with the CCC. So of course the CCC is predisposed to suspect and not trust this city. What does the City try to do? Pull a Pontius Pilate, tries to wash its hands but at least is partially responsible for the plight.

Think back, go through archives: Try to find, then count up all of the times that a project ended up before the CCC on appeal. That should give everyone an inkling of where are.

Humans seem to only learn lessons if punishment is a possibility.

Roger E. Bütow, Laguna Beach

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