Letter: What’s Past is Prologue

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Trust and integrity are fragile things. They are the glue of life. Once lost, they can be difficult to regain. Mo Honarkar is a real estate developer. He owns tens of millions of dollars of properties in Laguna Beach. He wants to re-shape the town so it has greater allure, not for residents, but for holiday makers from all over the world.

Mr. Honarkar knows the rules but apparently feels they do not apply to him. Twice in six weeks he has been “red tagged” for unpermitted construction at the Hotel Laguna. Mr. Honarkar has a $1 billion in projects in the pipeline – none of which has been approved. They include the Hotel Laguna and Central Bluffs, the Cleo Hotel, the Museum Hotel, Canyon Acres Housing, and the Laguna Arts District. William Shakespeare wrote, “What’s past is prologue.” A word of warning: take notice and be vigilant.

Randy Lewis, Laguna Beach

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