Letter: Why are Laguna’s roads so bad?


Driving through Dana Pt and Monarch Beach on silky smooth blacktop, well-groomed and attractive, leads to a stark contrast upon entering Laguna just past the hospital. The condition of Pacific Coast Highway becomes an embarrassment of potholes and fatigued asphalt and concrete patches. Having to negotiate street hazards that can damage your suspension is quite distracting.

All while avoiding the trucks and buses and tourists looking everywhere but to the road. I am aware that Caltrans is responsible for maintaining PCH, not the City of Laguna. But I ask, why is the road south of Laguna beautiful, while PCH Laguna reminds me of Tijuana? It doesn’t get any better until you enter north Laguna. I drive the stretch from south Laguna to north almost daily, and I know where the bad spots are. But I don’t want to be ticketed for swerving on the streets. Nor do I want a $1,000 suspension repair. Hopefully, a reader here may have an answer.

I can’t be the only one who notices the contrast.

Tom Bernt, Laguna Beach

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