Letter: Why I’ll Vote Yes on Prop P


Here’s why I will vote Yes on Measure P. It’s about safety and aesthetics.

Many of our neighborhoods have only one or two exits for hundreds of people. When a Santa Ana wind is howling from the east with fire in its teeth, these people need to be confident that they can get out. Emergency responders need to be able to get in. Edison’s solution is to red flag the city and turn off your power. That carries risks of its own. Undergrounding poles on the evacuation routes will make us all much safer. I’m doing it for my neighbor, and for myself.

Our poles and transformers are ugly monstrosities. They’ve slowly gotten bigger and uglier. A “dog’s breakfast” is what my mother would call them. Take a look at Laguna Canyon Road going out of town as you approach Big Bend. Isn’t that a lovely sight without poles? Then go around the bend and compare. It’ll send you round the bend.

I love Laguna. I want a safer and better-looking community.

Chris Reed, Laguna Beach


  1. I’ll vote NO without a budget or timeline they are crazy or think we are stupid. You would never invest in a business plan with no budget or timeline. Anyone who votes yes should have to disclose their age (+25 years) when the tax will end. My 5 year old will pay until she’s 30 years old. She didn’t think a penny was much (Dad has a jar) until I told her I would only give her .99 of every dollar she earned then she was furious!


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