Letter: Woods Cove Needs a Lifeguard Tower


I do not live on Moss Point in Laguna Beach. I did collect most of the signatures on the petition to our City Council. The majority of those who signed are every day LB beach lovers and swimmers.

We all agree that Moss Point beach does not need a permanent lifeguard tower. It is our smallest beach with the fewest number of visitors. During high tide there is no beach and the rocks have to be used by the sun bathers. The tower will take away scarce beach space and be a major eyesore.

I walk my dog on Ocean Way every day, the street that provides access to Moss, Diamond, Pearl, and Agate beaches. I usually am walking during the time that the relief lifeguards are running to their next beach assignment. I always joke with the guards about “how was it at Moss?” The overwhelming comment is “boring.”
I live on Woods Cove (which has no permanent lifeguard station) the next large double beach to the north that has hundreds of beachgoers from 7 a.m. until about 9 p.m. during the season. This beach is also home to a fantastic tide pool that is enjoyed by young and old visitors and an added challenge for the lifeguards.

It is a wonderful beach that represents all the diversity of California. I and my fellow petition signers would love to see the permanent lifeguard tower placed on Woods Cove to provide a better view access for the guards. There are only 15 beach front homes on this cove. Only two homes on each side have permanent residents. It is the right time to make the investment of city resources in a permanent lifeguard tower to support our exceptional Marine Safety personnel on Woods Cove instead of on Moss Point.

I believe that if you review the statistics from last season regarding lifeguard interventions during lifeguard hours Moss Point and Woods Cove vs all other beaches that Moss will have the fewest interventions by lifeguards. Thank you for your service.

Jim Kelly, Laguna Beach

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