Letter:In Response to Mr. Ray’s Musings

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I read with both amusement and bewilderment, an economic primer for the New Year, and then got a little perturbed. Unless you’re schooled or familiar with economics or financial markets, you make think Mr. Ray arguments have some validity.

His points are both fallacious and numerous, as it relates to a global recession “just around the corner.”

It would take hours to respond to the feckless and sweeping generalizations about aging populations, countries in free fall and how regions all around the world are closing their doors to immigrants.

Kind of a dour view of a U.S. economy on fire, and the optimism that global trade deals with our partners and holding China accountable will inevitably lead to a stronger global union.

Anyone concerned about a recession should talk to your financial advisor. They would tell you with 100 percent certainty that nobody can predict a recession and that there are always areas for investment. I would tell Mr. Ray to be a little more optimistic, have a beer or herbal tea, and change his channel from cable news to the food network.


Mark Foley, Laguna Beach

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