Letters Reflect Town Opinion

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Stunewslaguna.com, our online “newspaper” is supposedly the most read Laguna Beach news source in Laguna and the world, but in a recent e mail, publisher Stu Saffer indicated he is not getting many letters to the editor and therefore has been printing only a few recently.

Debbie Zucco, copy chief for the Coastline News said in a column on the Forum page, Feb. 28, “you become the writers and you are often impassioned. We truly appreciate hearing from you, but we editors must still maintain our allegiance to truth and fairness. This is why we reserve the right to edit (and cut) submitted pieces.”

Needless to say, her column was a “hard read”.

The Thursday News Post, Laguna’s oldest newspaper – since 1919 – prints very few letters.

Thank god for the Laguna Beach Independent. They still prints lots of letters to the editor and rarely edit or cut the wordage.

Letters to the editor are important. They reflect what’s really going on in Laguna Beach. Let’s hope they don’t get lost in the gentrification of our town.

Roger Carter, Laguna Beach

Editor’s Note: The Indy endeavors to each week publish all the letters it receives. Some are edited judiciously to keep within the suggested 400-word limit to ensure there is space for everyone. And sometimes the inbox outstrips available space; any extra letters are added to the online edition. We think the competition for space in the Indy’s letters section reflects which news source in town is the best read.


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