Enriched by Musical Blessings



First Sunday was a super Sunday for chamber music. Thank you, Laguna Beach Live.

The quartet from the Colburn School gave a vibrant performance. Still in their 20s, these young people shared their love of music with us, joined for two numbers by double bass player, 21-year-old Robin Kesselman. It is exciting to know that we saw and heard these exceptional young people at the beginnings of their careers.

Especially notable was the “Five Pieces for String Quartet” composed by Erwin Schulhoff, an artist previously unknown by me.  His career virtually ended when Nazis came to power. Not only was he Jewish, he had become a Communist.  He was arrested as a Jew, a “degenerate,” and deported to the Bavarian concentration camp Wulzburg, where he died in 1942.

The quartet will be performing another work by Schulhoff in the Saturday performance at the Playhouse. When I heard that, what could I say but “sign me up.”

We are blessed to be part of this community, known for its compassion, its respect for nature, and its love of art and music. Only in Laguna!

Jean Raun

Laguna Beach

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