Local Delivers Supplies to Trapped Mountain Residents


Laguna resident Spencer Samuelian loads up his helicopter with food and essential supplies for trapped residents in the San Bernadino mountains. Photos courtesy of Spencer Samuelian

After noticing the desperate need of those trapped in their homes for more than five days in the San Bernardino Mountains on Twitter, Spencer Samuelian sprang into action.

The Laguna Beach resident contacted a bishop and pastor from local churches in the Lake Arrowhead area, which recently saw a record amount of snowfall, and loaded up his helicopter with food and other supplies. He headed for the mountains without knowing if there would even be a place to land once he got there.

Working with the church leaders and area fire chief, Samuelian found a small parking lot that was miraculously cleared of snow and had enough room to land. Over the course of two trips, Samuelian delivered approximately 600 pounds of food and supplies to the community. 

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