Locals Tap Crowd-funding for Diverse Projects

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A World Away from L.A.

Chayne Walls’ proposed travel book.

Chayne Walls’ proposed travel book.

Fine art photographer Cheyne Walls, a former Festival of Arts exhibitor, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to crowdsource funding for his first photo book, “Miles from Los Angeles,” which features several Laguna Beach locations.

The photo book will feature Walls’ panoramic landscape images each captioned with the location and distance from Los Angeles. With enough backers, he will be able to publish these images into a 128-page photography book.

“Some of these places are a bit of a long drive, others are very close, but all locations are completely worth the travel,” Walls said in a statement.


Be Careful What You Ask For

Sequoia Slentz’ admonition to his son about taking better care of his toys “because there are kids in Africa with no Legos” had an unexpected outcome. Micha, 6 at the time, was listening. He was also thinking.

Now, three years later, Micah and his father have collected hundreds of pounds of Legos and distributed them to Uganda and Botswana with the help of volunteers from Child Africa and the Peace Corp. The recipients had never seen the toys before and a youtube video showing what they created went viral, generating even more donations.

Micha and his dad, who have strong ties to Laguna Beach but live in Laguna Niguel, have turned to crowd-sourcing to establish a steady flow of used Lego bricks through their Lego Africa nonprofit.


Envisioning a DIY Community Center

The Sourced proprietors.

The Sourced proprietors.

Closer to home, local event space Sourced, a retailer of jewelry, vintage textiles and furniture, began a Kickstarter campaign to expand a historic cottage at 950 Glenneyre St. to create a community membership hang out for do-it-yourself workshops.

Founder and creative director Michelle Mercado, of Newport Beach, teamed up with Rachel Macalistaire, a Laguna local, to envision a space that will give freelancers and independent business owners a sense of community and shared resources.


Couple Adds Organic Touch to High-Tech Gear

Kick Butt Keys are the creation of a California-based couple who wanted to add an organic feel to their high-tech lives.

Kick Butt Keys are the creation of a California-based couple who wanted to add an organic feel to their high-tech lives.

Husband and wife Helena and Dustin Harris, of Laguna Beach, devised a way to make the technology at our fingertips customizable, beautiful, and functional. They created Kick Butt Keys to provide Mac users with colorful and durable wood key covers to protect the computer while maintaining functionality.

The $25 key cover sets are laser cut of maple and fit on any desktop or laptop Mac keyboard, says Helena Harris in a statement.

At only 1/42 of an inch thick, these keys in eight color options offer the durability of wood without making contact with the laptop’s screen.

The sets are available through the couple’s Kick Butt Keys Kickstarter campaign, set to close Wednesday, Nov. 4.





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