Long-awaited Skipper statue dedicated

Skipper Carrillo gives an on-camera interview on July 17 in front of his statue at Park and Glenneyre streets. Photo courtesy of Colby Naess

Randy Morgan’s quest to honor Arthur Tolbert “Tolly” Carrillo better known to most today as Skipper Carrillo was completed with his statue dedication on Skipper’s 82nd birthday last Friday afternoon at the corner of Glenneyre and Park Avenue.

Ludo Leideritz, owner of Forest & Ocean Gallery, started the event off that included remarks by sculptor Randy Morgan, contractor Bob Roper, representing the City, Mayor Pro Tem Steve Dicterow and Mayor Bob Whalen and finally the man of the moment, Skipper himself.

Skipper’s sister, Alicia, and large number of current and former residents spanning over 60 years of Skipper’s community involvement were on hand to witness this historic moment. Skip donned his LBHS Baseball uniform for the ceremony.

The impetus for this permanent honor came from the artist (creator of the local Hobie Water Sports Wall Mural) who has always been impressed with Carrillo’s positive attitude and his “Have a Homerun Day” greeting. In 2015, Randy explained his vision to honor Skipper to Ludo and the two embarked on the fundraising and logistical odyssey to make it a reality.

Coleman Raffo fresh from the Laguna Football boosters along with Roux owner Michael Byrne helped with the fundraising that eventually allowed for the statue’s creation. From there came the challenge to find a home and the funds for a proper site. The school district squashed any chance of placing the honor at the baseball filed named for Skipper (It happens to be site of the original little league field where Skipper, volunteer career began). The City did the same for a Riddle Field and Heisler Park, which put the site search into a more challenging phase.

Interest focused on a key location that would provide strong visibility to honor Skipper. The Medical Building at Park and Glenneyre was identified as a possible site. Building owners Mark Judy and Diane Judy Reigler, who have known Skipper since they were children, agreed to support the plan. Their father, the late Dr. Tom Judy who built the medical complex was the MVP of both the 1941 and 1942 Artists basketball teams.

The City was cooperative on the permit process and Randy reached out to contractor Bob Roper on the improving the site for the statue installation. Roper along with Ryan Singer helped on this phase of the project to bring the quest over the finish line. St Catherine’s and many private donors help make this event possible.

Statue site donors, Diane Judy Reigler and Dr. Mark Judy with Skipper. Courtesy of Coleman Raffo

State CIF Announces 2020-21 Sports Calendar

As expected, the 2020-21 sports seasons have been shrunk to a six-month compact schedule that will tax the facilities, players, coaches, fans, and parents. In some cases, the sports seasons have been changed where coaches like Ethan Damato (water polo) will be in season for both Boys and Girls at the same time sharing the undersized local pool. The same will hit indoor volleyball which now must share the same season as well as Boys and Girls Tennis (Rick Conkey), Soccer and Lacrosse on Guyer Field. Some dual sport athletes will have challenges like defending All-State Sunset Conference Cross Country champion Jessie Rose who recently signed with the University of California for Girls Water Polo.


B/G Cross Country First Contest: Dec 26, playoffs March 12

Football First Contest:  Jan 8, playoffs start March 19

Boys Volleyball First contest Dec 12, playoffs start after Feb 13

Girls Volleyball First contest Dec 19, playoffs start after Feb 13

Boys Water Polo First contest Dec 21, playoffs start after Feb 20

Girls Water Polo First contest Dec 28, playoffs start after Feb 20.


Baseball First contest Mar 19, playoffs start after May 29

B/G Basketball First contest Mar 12, playoffs start after May 22

B/G Golf First contest Mar 20, playoffs start after May 29

B/G Lacrosse First contest Mar 12, playoffs start after May 20

B/G Soccer First contest Feb 27, playoffs start after May 8

Softball First contest Mar 29, playoffs start after May 27

Swimming First contest Mar 13, playoffs start after May 22

Boys Tennis First contest Mar 1, playoffs start after May 15

Girls Tennis First contest Feb 22, playoffs start after May 7

B/G Track First contest Mar 20, playoffs start after May 29

Wrestling First contest Mar 5, playoffs start after May 15

No word on when revised Laguna sport schedules will be released.

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