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I am concerned about the lack of parking in the city of Laguna Beach. Given that the Irvine Company just opened 1,700 apartments and the Five Points developer is selling 5,000 more homes off of Laguna Canyon Road, where will all these cars park?

It may be necessary to build a tastefully scaled parking lot off of Laguna Canyon road to prevent gridlock in the city. It is bad enough with the north- and south-bound traffic on Coast Highway. If traffic from Irvine were to flow directly onto Coast Highway, I fear that the intersection of Forest and Coast will be completely stopped.

Given the limited available choices, a well-placed and well-planned parking structure east of the Sawdust Festival grounds may be necessary.


Doris McQuid, Laguna Beach

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  1. Doris McQuid and Kristine Thalman raise a poignant issue, is it the city policy of Laguna Beach to provide a parking subsidy to all visitors of Laguna Beach? Are parking fees adequate compensation to pay for congestion, noise, pollution and the urban erosion of Laguna’s residential and downtown streets? The Downtown Specific Plan shows there are 1535 parking spaces downtown, while developers are preparing to send THOUSANDS of beach-goers our direction: Heritage Developments: 10,000 homes, Rancho Mission Viejo: 14,000 homes, Irvine: 100,000 homes by next decade. Now figure 2.3 cars per residence that’s 285,000 MORE cars competing for those 1535 parking spaces. Perhaps now the writers recognize a policy to accommodate beach visitors with car parking offers the wrong incentive, is inadequate, and obsolete.


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