Looking for Owner of 2005 Laguna Hills Class Ring

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Dear Editor,

I am writing from England regarding a Laguna Hills High School 2005 class ring, which I believe was found in Laguna Beach at some point in the past.

Below is the same text I sent to the principal of Laguna Hills High School, who is now circulating the story through various alumni agencies and distributions:

“I am writing this email from England and wonder whether you might be able to assist in tracing the owner of a “college ring,” which has come into my possession through a series of events.

One of my older brothers, who died last year in the UK, actually lived in Laguna Beach almost permanently for the previous 30 years. He returned to England a couple of years ago for some medical treatment, but alas his condition was so severe that he was not fit enough to undergo surgery which may have extended his life, and wasn’t able to return to the U.S.A.

The key point at this stage of my story is that he used to frequent the main Laguna Beach there, and over the years found various small pieces of jewelry as a result of his beachcombing activities.

As a result of his death, one of my other older brothers (living in the UK), dealt with his modest belongings, which included some of his “finds” from the beach. One of the items was a ring which was given to my wife as a keepsake. As a result of me visiting a local jeweler to adjust the size of this ring to fit my wife (make it slightly smaller), on very close inspection, it showed the minute wording “Laguna Hills” around a central clear stone, and 20 and 05 on each side of the “shoulder.”

I may be on the wrong track, but we believe that the ring was probably lost on Laguna Beach by a female student who graduated in 2005. We would like to reunite this ring with its rightful owner if at all possible. It would give us great satisfaction to locate the original owner and return it to her.”


Philip Wallis, England

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