LTKA Takes on SNAG

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Nothing has reminded me quite so much of H. L. Mencken’s quote on Puritanism, which is, “The haunting fear that someone, somewhere may be happy,” as in the SNAG group.

How about a new group, LTKA, Leave The kids Alone?

I am old, old and helped our kids build some of the first skateboards in Laguna with old roller skate wheels that they then used on Temple Hills Drive and on Park when it was constructed and paved. One of their friends did break an arm on Park, but miracles of miracles, he lived to tell the tale.

We live near the top of Park Avenue now and there is nothing I enjoy more than watching the kids having fun speedboarding down the hill and only wish that I could do the same.

Ritchie H. Wilson, Laguna Beach

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