Lumberyard Whips Up a Winning Recipe

School principals Joanne Culverhouse, left, and Jenny Salberg designed competing menus subject to a ballot by patrons.

Continuing a tradition of the Thurston principal winning the SchoolPower Chef Challenge, defending champion and new LBHS principal Joanne Culverhouse conceded the title to her Thurston successor Jenny Salberg.

The third annual event hosted by Lumberyard owners Suzanne and Cary Redfearn raised than $9,500 for Laguna’s schools, $30,000 over three years.

In a nod to Culverhouse’s twin successes against then LBHS principal Don Austin, Salberg wore an underdog t-shirt beneath her chef’s jacket whites. She also served up some food for thought with a list of “The Top 5 Reasons to Vote for Principal Salberg.”  With two equally delectable meals selected by the dueling principals and masterfully prepared by Lumberyard chef Armando Ortega, Salberg’s list might just have been the ingredient needed for patrons to vote her menu the winner.

One of the reasons on her list was even reiterated by Culverhouse as she gracefully accepted defeat and joked that Salberg “deserves the win for spending her days with 700 middle schoolers!”

In claiming the coveted title, “Chef” Salberg gave credit to her longtime colleague saying, “I learned from the best. Dr. Culverhouse was a worthy opponent. She taught me well, and now the student has become the master. Thurston continues to be Top Dog in the Chef Challenge!”

“With support of local businesses like Lumberyard, SchoolPower is able to make a significant impact on Laguna’s schools,” noted vice president Samantha Washer. “The Redfearn’s commitment to their community is to be applauded.”

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