MacGillvray’s Whale of a Tale Comes to the Big Screen

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Photo courtesy of MacGillivray Freeman
Photo courtesy of MacGillivray Freeman

Golden Globe nominee Ewan McGregor will narrate “Humpback Whales,” an underwater adventure documentary for IMAX and other giant-screen theaters directed by two-time Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Greg MacGillivray. The film will be released beginning Feb. 13.

Documentary filmmaker MacGillivray Freeman Films, based in Laguna Beach, bring their giant-screen storytelling to one of the most enormous and fascinating creatures on earth in a musical mix of 3D imagery, underwater splendor and scientific exploration, the film asks the compelling question: what might life be like from a humpback’s point of view.  Once feared as monsters, and very nearly hunted to extinction, today the 50-ton aquatic mammals are in the midst of a slow recovery.

“We are thrilled to have Ewan McGregor narrate ‘Humpback Whales’…he is a tremendous talent… We hope the film excites and inspires people to better understand the humpback whale, as this mammal is critical to the ecological health and survival of the ocean,” said director Greg MacGillivray.

The film is produced by Shaun MacGillivray and is written and edited by Stephen Judson with a musical score by Steve Wood, also a local.

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