Middle schooler raises funds for marine mammal center x-ray table

Sierra Vista Middle School student Audrey Kim volunteers at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center. Photo courtesy of Audrey Kim

Seventh-grader Audrey Kim’s love of sea lions and seals has inspired her to launch a fundraiser to help purchase an X-ray table for patients of the Pacific Marine Mammal Center.

As of press time, she’s raised almost $900 of her $1,800 fundraising campaign.

Through her summer volunteer work with the nonprofit, Audrey learned they needed a new X-ray table. The hospital’s older model was uncomfortable for patients and difficult to use. Kim helped veterinary staff create blueprints for a new X-ray table that would be portable, see-through, and much easier to use.

“We need funding to make the project come to life. Please help me to share this story and help PMMC get the X-ray table that they need,” Audrey said in a statement.

Audrey has been involved with PMMC since 2016 and the nonprofit honored her as a 2018 junior philanthropist of the year.

Donors can text PMMCXRAY to 71777 to give. They can also donate here.

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