Missing: Cinderella’s Glass Slipper

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2.5 slipper IMG_1633

During a dress rehearsal of the LBHS production of the musical “Cinderella,” one of the glass slippers could not be found.

Rumor has it that the last people seen with the glass slipper in hand were Cinderella’s cruel step-sisters. When interviewed, they said, “We have hidden it somewhere special. We don’t want the Prince to place it on Cinderella’s foot!” Authorities have indicated only a child’s eye, with the help of a parent, will be able to find this slipper somewhere in the village.

Director Alexis Karol said, “The show must go on! I hope someone will be able to help us locate this precious shoe before our show opens next Friday, March 17.”

Clues to the slipper’s location will appear in the Laguna Beach Independent every Friday and on Instagram and Twitter @lbusdrama. The finder of the slipper will receive four tickets to the show, running March 17-April 2. For more info: visit lbusd.org/drama


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